The Student Success Center empowers students to achieve their goals by establishing positive connections with faculty, staff and fellow students through classes and student support programs.


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OUR SHARED VALUES: The four strategic directions

Student centered: Student Success and Learning

  • We promote and support post-secondary access and college readiness.
  • We help students build life-skills and academic skills for their lifetime.
  • We encourage students’ growth toward independence and the completion of their goals.

People oriented: Valuing People

  • We value people and the collective wisdom of our colleagues, students, and community.
  • We create a work environment that respects the contributions of each individual.
  • We cherish the relationships we share that enable our work.

Fiscal Stewardship and Institutional Effectiveness

  • We actively seek resource opportunities.
  • We allocate resources wisely to support student success.
  • We integrate best practices to increase student achievement.
  • We evaluate data to inform program development and effectiveness.

Community Partnerships and Economic Development

  • We collaborate with community partners to help students overcome barriers
    and achieve educational goals.
  • We sponsor meaningful service projects to enhance student learning and community well-being.
  • We support learning that opens career opportunities for students within the community.
  • We support learning that creates skilled workers for our community.