Encore: The Senior College at San Juan College

Creating opportunities for seniors to maintain lifelong vitality through self-development and service.

Encore: Classes and More

There are important changes to the San Juan College tuition and fees that result in decreased costs for Encore students. Residents 65 and older may take up to six credit hours at San Juan College per semester at the senior rate of $5.75 per credit hour ($5 tuition, $0.75 student activity fee).  Residents under 65 pay $46.75 per credit hour ($46 tuition, $0.75 student activity fee).

Encore offers classes designed for students 50 years and over but open to students 18 and older. In addition to classes, Encore offers membership and activities. Click below for more information.

For more information or to receive a monthly email about Encore, contact encore@sanjuancollege.edu or call the Encore Office at 566-3214.

We are looking for energetic, innovative instructors who want to spend time sharing their knowledge with others. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or appropriate certification. For more information and to discuss potential class ideas call the Encore Director at 566-3121.