Meet Blaze!

He has a head full of flames. He swaggers when he walks. He brings the HEAT to the competition. He was created by a lightning strike. He has a crown of fire. He sets your education aflame. His enthusiasm cannot be doused. He is the perfect combination of fuel, oxygen and heat. Can you feel the heat?

Feel that sizzle in the air? That's not just the New Mexico sun – it's the electrifying energy of our very own, Blaze! An integral member of the SJC family. Through thick and thin, he stands tall, reflecting our spirit of learning, sparking camaraderie among students, faculty, and staff, and radiating success throughout our beloved community. When you're on campus, you don't just feel the warmth of friendship and support – you feel the HEAT of Blaze's undying passion! Blaze is more than just a mascot for San Juan College. He's the fiery embodiment of our passion, determination, and spirit.

Born from the sheer power of a lightning strike, Blaze wasn’t just created; he erupted into existence. With a crown of fire symbolizing the boundless knowledge here at San Juan College, he's the ultimate testament that when fuel, oxygen, and heat combine – magic happens. His swagger and unwavering enthusiasm reminds us daily that our thirst for knowledge can never be doused. Every step he takes and every cheer he leads reaffirms our commitment to learning and thriving.

At San Juan College, we don't just learn – we blaze trails! Let Blaze lead the way and turn up the heat on your education.

Mascot with President Pendergrass and naming contest winners with SJC purple background.A special shoutout to Marcus Clyde and his gifted daughters, Nicole and Natalie. This trio of students brilliantly named our mascot, "Blaze", and emerged as the winners of our mascot naming contest. Cheers to their creative minds!

San Juan College’s history changed forever on April 28, 2023, when Blaze officially became a part of the San Juan College family. 

We would like to thank President Pendergrass, the SJC Board of Trustees, Amanda Robles, Lizbeth Moreno, Margaret Clair, Jacinta Esquibel, Donna Ellis, Media Services, KSJE On the Road, Campus Activity Board, Associated Students, Herencia Latino Center, volunteers from SJCHS, Fire Science students, the Marketing and Public Relations department, the SJC Bookstore, Dual Credit Ambassadors, Department of Public Safety and Mary’s Kitchen. All of these people and departments have played a crucial role in bringing our mascot BLAZE to the SJC Family.

Feel the Heat with the San Juan College Mascot Blaze