Learn about the history, rules, and strategy of the Navajo Shoe Game.

Beaver, Bear, Fox, Goat and a Coyote standing against a turquoise background.

What is a Navajo Shoe Game?
(in Navajo: késhjéé; pronounced: Kesh-jeh)

It is a Navajo winter social guessing game, played during the night. Teams play against each other to find a hidden ball inside a shoe/moccasin. Tactics and strategies are used to distract players during the guessing game process. In Navajo culture, the game originated between day and night animals. Animals wanted it to either be day or night all the time. A contest was played amongst the creatures in an attempt to determine whether it be always day or night.

Do I have to be Navajo to play?

No. This event is open to all students and the community. You may participate in the game or watch and enjoy with the community.

Is there a fee?

No. This is free

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes. Food and drinks will be provided at both events (workshop and game) on a first come, first served basis.

Is this a family-friendly event?

Yes, absolutely. This event is on school grounds. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited on campus.

Do I have to attend the workshop, if I want to play in the Saturday game?

No. However, we highly recommend you attend the workshop to get a better understanding and appreciation of this Navajo tradition.

For more information, email NAC@sanjuancollege.edu or call (505) 566-3321

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