The San Juan College Board of Trustees approved a modest increase to the general fee, the first in eight years, during the March board meeting.

western view of the san juan college educational services building with the clocktower in the forefront, trees changing colors to yellow and gold.

The general fee will adjust to $86.50 for students enrolled in four credit hours or less, a minimal increase of only $9 per semester, while those enrolled in four credit hours or more will see a slight increase of $20 per semester, bringing the new general fee to $205 per semester.

The non-resident general fee will move to $152.50 for students enrolled in four credit hours or less, an increase of only $15 per semester. Non-resident students enrolled in four credit hours or more will see a $33.50 increase, bringing the total general fee to $338.50 per semester.

The general fee adjustment is part of a tuition revenue management strategy the Board implemented into policy in 2018. The policy states that general fees will be increased every other year for non-tuition increase years based on specific college-wide needs.

The estimated revenue of $198,000 from this increase will be applied to a portion of the costs related to the new Student Health Center. The Health Center will provide acute care services as well as basic mental health services and counseling.

President of Associated Students at San Juan College (ASSJC), Cade Allison, spoke at the board meeting stating, “The ASSJC voted unanimously in support of the resolution to increase the general student fee for the purpose of funding the Student Health Center.”

The general fee increase will take effect during the fall semester, 2023; however, there will be no change to the tuition cost per credit hour for residents or non-residents.

“Our focus is and remains on providing our students with affordable access to the services, training and education they need to succeed,” said Edward DesPlas, San Juan College executive vice president. “San Juan College remains one of the most affordable colleges in the nation, with our resident tuition and fees being one-half the national average for public two-year colleges.”

There are a range of resources for student financial assistance through federal and state funding, such as the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship, state lottery scholarships, as well as scholarships available through the San Juan College Foundation.

San Juan College’s Financial Aid office is available to advise and assist students in securing the funding to complete their educational goals. The Financial Aid Lab, located within the Financial Aid office on the first floor of the Educational Services Building, is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome. Students will receive immediate personalized assistance in the lab from a Financial Aid staff member. Students are encouraged to bring their 2022 federal tax information. The Financial Aid office can be reached at 505-566-3323 or


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