Celebrating the mighty English Oak Tree that Art Professor Bill Hatch donated 29 years ago. Bill had nurtured the young sapling from an acorn.

Standing tall and strong in late afternoon light, is the English Oak tree Bill Hatch donated to SJC 29 years ago. The tree is located next to the Henderson Fine Arts Center.

There was a tree. It lived in Sherwood Forest. From an acorn it grew into a grand old oak with a solid trunk and green leafy branches. The kind of perfect tree that children draw with its branches symmetrical and rounded toward the sky. Inspiration from a tree like this found its way across the ocean, halfway around the world to San Juan College Art Professor Bill Hatch. Appreciating the beauty and majesty, he was inspired to donate an English Oak sapling to San Juan College that he had nurtured from an acorn.

A Tree with Deep Roots at SJC

Something else had grown as well. With the seed of an idea, a vision had become the Henderson Fine Arts Center (HFAC), a gathering place to showcase art, theatre and music. How fitting that a grand tree should grow with it; a marriage of vision and intention that created a thing of beauty and majesty.

And now that tree is older, grander, healthy and beautiful. Hummingbirds and butterflies visit it. Children play under its shade in summer and collect its leaves and acorns in fall. It rests in winter and comes to life in spring. And the water and sun, keep it standing tall and strong.

The Connection to Henderson Fine Arts Center

The HFAC stands next to it, also strong and ready, welcoming our college and community to enjoy the many and varied talents of artists and performers.

Thank you to Bill Hatch for the inspiration and the acorn that became a mighty oak.