The Academic and Career Engagement Center (ACE) at SJC has the highest measurable skill gains (MSGs) in the nation, according to the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE).

ACE Center staff

The announcement was made by the Adult Education New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED), which reports to OCTAE.

San Juan College ACE is more than just an academic and career hub. It’s a commitment to student success, community growth and continuous evolution. Through rigorous data analysis, unwavering student focus and deep community ties, ACE continues to raise
the bar for what is possible in adult education.

ACE achieved a 43% increase in enrollment over the last year, a 118% increase in graduation rates from the last fiscal year, and added five new programs, including a Literacy Program; a Family Literacy Program; an English Language Development Program (NEDP); and a Spanish High School Equivalency Program. The center was also recognized by the state and awarded $180,000 to create Integrated Education and Technology (IET) Pathways and to further extend the Adult Education reach in the community.