San Juan College (SJC) recently underwent an impressive renovation project that will enhance the campus experience, creating a more inviting and safer environment for motorists and pedestrians.

San Juan College Entry Arch at sunset

The $5.3 million project was mainly funded from general obligation bonds provided by the state.  
The extensive renovations encompass various elements, including upgraded roadways, pedestrian and bicycle enhancements, improved parking lots, wayfinding signs and new xeriscaping. One of the standout features of this project is the monumental 60-foot arch at the southeast entry that proudly bears the college’s name. The arch serves as a striking focal point for visitors and a point of pride for the campus community. 
As you enter the SJC campus under the eye-catching archway, you’ll see the addition of a new bus loop and roundabout leading into the upgraded campus ring road, which now forms a continuous loop, making navigation around the campus more straightforward for better traffic flow. This new layout addresses pedestrian and bicycle circulation, providing a safer and more efficient way for students and staff to move around. 

Secondary entry gateways are located at Technology Trail, Pinon Hills and Sunrise Parkway, providing further aesthetic appeal and helping create a strong sense of place. A new pedestrian circulation path, complete with safety curbs, pavement markings and improved lighting offers a secure and convenient connection from student housing to the main campus. The installation of new signage and entry gateways adds an artful touch to the campus while also aiding in wayfinding. These changes are not only practical but also will leave a lasting impression on students and visitors.

Parking facilities have also received a much-needed facelift with new seal-coating and paving, offering students and visitors more convenient and well-maintained parking options. 

San Juan College West has some new features as well, with the addition of lighting at the campus entry, which will improve safety, especially during the evening hours.

“Improving the campus entrances, landscaping, roadways, parking lots and way-finding signage will significantly enhance the overall experience for our students, faculty, staff and community.” said Ed DesPlas, Executive Vice President. “Projects of this scale are highly visible testaments to effectiveness of, and our commitment to, the College’s Facilities Master Plan.”

With the enhanced infrastructure, improved roadways, striking new entry arch and eco-friendly xeriscaping, the college is poised to offer an even better experience to students, staff, and visitors. The community can continue to enjoy a campus that blends beauty with functionality while keeping the environment in mind.

San Juan College Round About