At San Juan College (SJC), Success Matters is not just what we say; it’s who we are. It defines our identity and drives our unwavering commitment to excellence.

New San Juan College Website on a open laptop screen

In spring 2021, Brandie Solomon, SJC’s Web Content Manager, began conceptualizing how to reimagine San Juan College’s online presence. Her vision was to design a website that brings the San Juan College experience to life, is easy-to-use and attracts and engages new students while elevating the experiences of current students, employees, faculty and the wider community.

The idea became a reality in July 2022, as the SJC Marketing and Public Relations Team officially embarked on an exciting journey to redesign the San Juan College website. 

Before taking the initial steps, meticulous groundwork was essential. This phase included extensive research to identify the most suitable web design and development partners. Carnegie, renowned experts in crafting tailor-made websites for colleges and universities, were chosen for the project.

Next came input from SJC students and staff through user studies and user experience maps. The focus, and information from students became invaluable during the redesign. 

Carnegie’s insights into best practices, search engine optimization and creative design have been instrumental in ensuring the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the SJC website. 

Key enhancements include a user-friendly page design, making information readily accessible, and a responsive design that adapts menus seamlessly to various devices-whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The new Program Finder feature offers students many ways to explore SJC degrees and programs. “The News and Events page is one of my favorite highlights,” says Solomon. “The redesigned website, and updated social media features, make it incredibly easy for our community to discover and share the rich array of events happening on our campus.”

The project also involved over 60 unique photo shoots across campus. Solomon and Web Content Specialist Devin Scott were determined to ensure that the redesign showcased the diversity of our students, the myriad activities offered and the scenic beauty of our campus grounds. “This project highlights the spirit and atmosphere that defines San Juan College,” added Scott. 

Another significant aspect of the project was migrating the entire SJC website and all its pages into the redesign. This task was accomplished with the commitment of the entire SJC Marketing and Public Relations team, all while managing the ongoing marketing needs of San Juan College. The team extends its heartfelt thanks to all the departments and college employees for their patience and support as they prioritized this comprehensive project. 

They are also immensely grateful for the support of the San Juan College Board of Trustees, Administration and assistance of the SJC IT team and website hosting partner, T-4. A special thank you to SJC Web Developer Jamie Chavez, and SJC Director of Application & Technology Learning Services Greg Reynolds. Their creative solutions and innovative ideas were just a phone call, email or Teams message away. 

The SJC web redesign project represents the collaborative effort of numerous teams, and the Marketing and Public Relations team took pride in successfully launching the redesigned website on November 27, 2023. 

All community members are encouraged to explore the changes and new features at The SJC Marketing and Public Relations team remains dedicated to continuous enhancements that prioritize the needs of current students, prospective students, and our diverse community. At San Juan College, Success Matters!