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The Global Studies Committee is dedicated to enriching intercultural awareness and promoting international understanding among our students and community members. We offer short-term travel study experiences that allow you to journey beyond the boundaries of the Four Corners with SJC faculty. Each travel study program is offered as part of an academic course. By journeying outside the classroom, you have the opportunity to learn about the topic in a real, profound, and often life changing way.

As a community college, the San Juan College travel study programs are open to anyone who wishes to enroll as a student at the college. To apply for a travel study program through San Juan College, applicants must first set up a student account by applying for admission to San Juan College. Becoming an SJC student is easy, free, and can be done completely online. Once an applicant has been given a student ID number, they are able to apply for SJC travel study programs. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply; high school students enrolling in dual credit courses at SJC are NOT eligible to enroll in travel study courses for dual credit.

Travel Study gives students the opportunity to earn academic credit while participating in short-term study abroad or domestic programs off-campus. Students travel with SJC faculty to study topics such as biodiversity in Costa Rica,  Italian Renaissance math and art in Italy, Japanese culture in Japan, political science in Washington, D.C., and much more! Why just read about something in a book? Experience it for yourself by using the world as your classroom!

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