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Career-Life Engagement and Readiness Program (CLEAR)

Learn to live a more independent and purposeful life. San Juan College's innovative Career-Life Engagement and Readiness (CLEAR) program is a college-based work program for adults with disabilities. With CLEAR, you will learn to care for yourself and find a meaningful career. Our 18-month program will teach you to dream big and reach your goals. You can even earn a Certificate of Occupational Training to help you start your career. Take control of your future with SJC's CLEAR Program.

Why Enroll in a Job Training Program?

By joining a career training program for people with disabilities, you can learn to advocate for yourself and find a work environment that best suits you. You'll be able to identify your strengths and have the space to discover your interests. You can build skills to find a job where you can earn money and live more independently.

In your classes, you will develop emotional, social, and career skills. Discover how to manage money, use computer software, and advocate for yourself. Learn how to take notes and study well. By the end of the program, you may have the confidence and skills to complete an associate or bachelor's degree.

Why Enroll in the CLEAR Program at San Juan College?

Complete Our Work Program in Two Years

The CLEAR Program consists of four consecutive semesters: fall, spring, summer, and fall. Through the courses, you'll earn 34 credit hours. Each semester has a theme that you will follow:

  • Semester 1: Career Interest Discovery
  • Semester 2: Career Exploration
  • Semester 3: Job Shadowing
  • Semester 4: On-the-Job Training

With this curriculum, you'll gain lifelong skills that positively impact your life. Learn to live more independently while working at a job that matches your interests. You can even take your skills further and continue your education to earn a degree.

Friendly Classmates and Supportive Community

The CLEAR Program is cohort-based, meaning you will take all your classes with the same students. Learn in a comfortable environment and get individual attention from your instructors. Because of the small cohort size, you'll become friends with fellow students and get individual attention from your instructors.

As an SJC student, you'll also have access to many on-campus resources and community events. You'll experience college life, from going to the library to joining clubs. Through Clear, your instructors will mentor you and you will make friends.

Affordable Program

Because of SJC's low tuition rates, the CLEAR Program is an excellent investment and start to the next stage of your career. It is also a great resource in the local Farmington area. You may qualify to get the program tuition-free through the NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the CLEAR Job-Training Program

In just 18 months, you'll have the skills and confidence to become a more independent adult. Each semester, you will build skills in four categories:

  • Personal skills: Discover your strengths, motivations, and preferences. Practice how to navigate the world.
  • Well-being skills: Develop skills, such as cooking, exercising, and socializing, so you can take care of yourself on a daily basis.
  • Technical skills: Practice communication and active listening, digital literacy, and financial skills.
  • Occupational skills: Train for future jobs through classes and internships.

Other skills you'll learn are:

  • Basic math and writing skills
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing skills
  • Self-responsibility, self-motivation, and self-advocacy
  • Note-taking and study skills
  • Scheduling

You'll also take part in activities that benefit your physical, mental, and social well-being.

CLEAR Program Curriculum

Get a Sneak Peek at our CLEAR Program

Meet the director of the CLEAR Program and two of our students. Learn how you can get the skills you need to succeed in your personal life and the workforce at SJC.

Careers and Outcomes

Our Career-Life Engagement and Readiness program empowers students with physical or mental challenges to find employment in local businesses or continue their education. You will be qualified to start an entry-level position in a field that matches your abilities and interests. Some of our students also volunteer and take work-study jobs, especially if they continue their education at SJC.

Employers of CLEAR Program graduates include:

  • Red Lobster
  • SJC Student Work
  • The ARC of New Mexico
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • TJ Maxx

Next Steps

Contact Kymbr Mordecki at (505) 566-3241 to schedule an intake appointment to enroll in the Career-Life Engagement and Readiness program. During this call, you'll learn about the application process, get details about where to send documents, and more.

Learn About the Application Process

You must apply to San Juan College to enroll in the CLEAR Program. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time! Choose your academic program as "Career-Life Engagement and Readiness (CLEAR)" on the SJC application.

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Phone: (505) 566-3241

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