Multiple students playing violins with sheet music on stand


The Music Department at SJC strives to be a place where musicians of all interests, ages, and skill levels can come to participate and grow.  We offer everything from African Drumming, Electronic Music, Orchestra, Band, Rock, Jazz and Choir to Lessons and community music courses. Music scholarship funding is available by completing a San Juan College Foundation Application. Check out the San Juan College Band, Orchestra, and Combos Facebook and San Juan College Music Department Facebook page for concert dates and information on instrumental ensembles.

Multiple students playing violins with sheet music on stand


Discover the vibrant world of music at San Juan College through our Instrumental Ensembles. Join fellow musicians to create captivating melodies across genres, fostering artistic growth and unforgettable performances.

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San Juan College has two vocal groups: Concert Choir, a mixed non-auditioned ensemble performing diverse choral pieces in three yearly concerts, and "Vocal Brew," a small selective group dedicated to past and present choral works.

Music Courses

The Music Department provides numerous opportunities for academic musical study. Courses include: Fundamentals of Music for Non-majors, Introduction to Music, Music Appreciation: Western Music, Music Appreciation: World Music, Music for the Elementary Classroom, Music Theory, and Sight Singing/Dictation.­­

•  MUSC-1125 Rock Combo 1-3
•  MUSC-1130-101W: Music Appreciation: History of Western Music
•  MUSC-1140 G-Music Appreciation: World Music 3
•  MUSC-1160 G-Music Theory I 3
•  MUSC-1165 G-Music Theory II 3
•  MUSC-1170 Vocal Ensemble I 1 to 3
•  MUSC-1175 Audio Amplification I 3
•  MUSC-1210 G-Fundamentals of Music for non-majors 3
•  MUSC-1220 Fundamentals of Piano for non-music majors 1
•  MUSC-1225 Keyboard Harmony II 1
•  MUSC-1240 Sight Singing and Dictation 2
•  MUSC-1245 Sight Singing & Dictation II 2
•  MUSC-1250 Class Voice I 1
•  MUSC-1280 Musical Comedy Workshop 2
•  MUSC-1320 Applied Music I: Topic 1
•  MUSC-1330 Applied Music II 1
•  MUSC-1350 Computers in Music 3
•  MUSC-1415 G-Introduction to Music 3
•  MUSC-1430 Choral Conducting 2
•  MUSC-1470 Functional Piano I 2
•  MUSC-1520 Class Guitar I 1
•  MUSC-2110 Chamber Ensemble: Topic 1-3
•  MUSC-2120 Major Ensemble: Topic 1-3
•  MUSC-2130 Jazz Ensemble 1
•  MUSC-2150 G-Roots of American Popular Music 3
•  MUSC-2345 Class Piano I 1
•  MUSC-2350 Class Piano II 1
•  MUSC-2410 Music for the Elementary Classroom 3
•  MUSC-2520 Class Guitar II 1
•  MUSC-2630 Digital Audio Recording 4
•  MUSC-2995 Cooperative Education 1-4
•  MUSC-2996 Special Topics 1-4

Students may enroll for applied studio instruction for various instruments including:  Voice, Percussion, Piano, Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar), Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone), Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium).

For the beginning student, class lessons are also offered in Class Voice, Class Piano, Class Guitar, and African Drumming.

Applied (Private) studio lessons and Class (Group) lessons are taught by dynamic faculty with expertise in traditional classical music as well as contemporary and commercial music.


List of Lessons
•  MUSC-1320 Applied Music I: Topic 1
•  MUSC-1320-1010: Cello lessons, Instructor: Hans Freuden
•  MUSC-1320-1020: Violin Lessons, Instructor: Mira Salt
•  MUSC-1320-1030: Clarinet or Saxophone Lessons, Instructor: Alex Olivas
•  MUSC-1320-1040: Brass Lessons: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Instructor: Cody Jackson
•  MUSC-1320-1050: Percussion Lessons
•  MUSC-1320-1060: Piano Lessons, Instructor: Megan Jack
•  MUSC-1320-1070: Flute Lessons, Instructor: Tabatha Platero-John
•  MUSC-1320-1080: Guitar Lessons and Songwriting, Instructor: Joseph Quackenbush
•  MUSC-1320-1090: Vocal Lessons
•  MUSC-2345 Class Piano I, Instructor: Megan Jack


Join SJC Ensembles! 

List of Instrumental Ensembles 
•  MUSC 1125: Rock Combo
•  MUSC 2120-1010/1020/1030: Symphonic Band
•  MUSC 2120-1040/1050/1060: Orchestra
•  MUSC 2130: Jazz Ensemble
•  MUSC 2996-1010: African Drumming Ensemble

These classes are also available for enrollment through the Community Learning Center, 505-566-3214.

To learn more about the music courses available for the current academic year, please visit the Academic Catalog

Join SJC Ensembles!

List of Vocal Ensembles 
•  MUSC-2120 Major Ensemble: Topic 1-3
•  MUSC-1170 Vocal Ensemble I 1 to 3

To learn more about the music courses available for the current academic year, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Teun Fetz ready with his baton

Meet Your Director

Dr. Teun B. Fetz, Director of Instrumental Music and Associate Professor at San Juan College Music. Conductor of diverse ensembles including Orchestra and African Drumming. Principal Percussionist with San Juan Symphony. Accomplished performer, educator, and conductor.

Contact Card
Phone: (505) 566-3320

West Classroom Complex,
Room 1911

M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.