Center of Excellence at SJC School of Energy

Center of Excellence

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

With a history of innovation, industry collaboration and highly skilled, in-demand graduates, San Juan College will study various emerging technologies that show the most promise to our area, to New Mexico and to our nation.

San Juan College is honored to be named as the Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Sustainability for New Mexico.

At SJC's Center of Excellence we study Water Security & Sustainability

Water Security & Sustainability

Collaborating with experts in the field, San Juan College will develop curriculum to bring awareness and direction to a topic vital to New Mexico and the West. 

At SJC's Center of Excellence we study Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen Power

Explore emerging technologies, new efforts and feasibility of developing hydrogen as a clean, affordable and renewable source of energy for New Mexico. 

At SJC's Center of Excellence we have existing partnerships with auto companies to develop curriculum for Electric Vehicle Technicians

Electric Vehicle Technician

Leveraging existing partnerships with auto manufacturers, San Juan College will introduce curriculum developing automotive technicians skilled in supporting and maintaining Electric Vehicles. 

At SJC's Center of Excellence we study Re-purposing & Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries

Best Practices: Re-purposing & Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries

As first generation lithium-ion batteries come out of service and the need for lithium and other precious metals continues to increase, San Juan College will study methodologies of cost effectively recycling and re-purposing lithium-ion batteries. 

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