SJC 2023 - Homepage Hero Header content type details

ID: 547
Name: SJC 2023 - Homepage Hero Header
Description: Adds the hero header on the homepage

Content element details

NameThe Name Element80 CharactersPlain TextYes
Page Heading (H1)Enter the title for the content80 CharactersPlain TextYes
Hero Intro TextEnter the sub title for the page120 CharactersPlain TextNo
Hero Image (1600 x 900)Select an image from the media library80 KilobytesMediaNo
Hero VideoSelect an mp4 video from media library80 KilobytesMediaNo
Button TextEnter the text for the Call to Action50 CharactersPlain TextNo
Button Link (internal)Select a section/content for an internal link80 CharactersSection/Content LinkNo
Button Link (external)Only enter this if you are NOT entering an internal link99999 CharactersPlain TextNo
Overlap the content belowSelect the checkbox to overlap the content added below80 CharactersCheck BoxNo

How to use

A hero block for the home page featuring a heading plus optional intro text and button.

Either an image or a video can be used as the background.  

Select either an Internal link (ignore the Use default link text checkbox), or enter an external link (do not enter both).

Tick the 'Overlap the content below' to have the next content item overlap the bottom of the hero.


Homepage Hero Header

The hero intro text

Optional button