Kimberley Real

Kimberely RealHealth Information Technology Graduate

Why did you choose to go to San Juan College? 

"I chose San Juan College because of their affordability and flexible scheduling. As a working single mom of two, time and money were limited and SJC afforded me the availability to take classes that worked with my schedule. I was able to still work and spend time with my children while studying and doing it within my budget.”

What has been your favorite experience at San Juan College and why?

“My favorite experience at SJC has been my encounters with my professors. Each of them brought something unique to the table and offered me different perspectives and views to consider. They taught me to be more open minded and inspired me to see things more objectively rather than critically.” 

How did San Juan College help prepare you for your career goals?

“San Juan College provided the building blocks of my education by offering a diverse set of classes that were relevant, current, and essential in life. Every class that I took has played a part in my career and without those classes I would not be where I am today. 

Where are you now since graduation?

Since graduation, I have been promoted twice and have obtained three different credentials and am working towards two more. I am now a Trauma Registrar Coordinator for an ACS certified Level Three Trauma Center. I am the only registrar for the Trauma Program and am responsible for ensuring the coding, data integrity and management of the Trauma database is accurate and within NTDB guidelines. As such, my job is to ensure the data is dependable and can be presented with certainty to our accrediting body, hospital administration and department liaisons.”

What advice would you give to future graduates? 

“My advice to future graduates would be, do not cheat yourself out of your education, do not take the easy way out and use the internet to give you the answers. Study until you cannot get the answers wrong, not just when you get it right, because when it comes time to take your credentialing exams, the internet will not be there for you. Take advantage of your professor’s advice and expertise.”

What would you tell others about attending San Juan College? 

“Jump in and go for it, you will not regret your time and education at SJC. SJC will give you the building blocks, shape your character and provide you with the fundamental education you need to succeed.”