Tarah Julian

Tarah JulianBusiness Administration Management | Graduated Fall 2021

Transferred to: New Mexico Highlands University

Why did you choose to go to San Juan College?

"I chose to go to San Juan College because it was near where I lived and it offered the field I wanted to go into."
What did you do or are you doing to prepare for your career? 

"I am currently a full-time student attending NMHU and furthering my education in the field of Business Administration."
What advice would you give to future graduates?

"My advice is you are never too old to go back to school and once you commit, never give up. There will be times when the road gets bumpy, but I promise you, you will survive. San Juan College helped me in every way possible to see me succeed in attaining my degree."
What was your fondest memory at San Juan College?

"I will never forget my first instructor, Elizabeth Phelps and Ms. Sherri. They were so understanding and helped me get through some tough times and also helped me acquire summer jobs while school was out. And I can't forget Mary's kitchen and that one kid who had a crazy laugh that stood out. Then there was the Veterans Office in which I sat for numerous hours trying to complete my homework and submit it. Oh and the events that we oversaw - Halloween carnival, luminarias and food distribution for Thanksgiving. Considering my age and the age differences, I felt comfortable attending SJC."