Survive and Thrive: John Hosteen's Journey from Rainbow Bridge to Safety – Free Event Reveals Wilderness Survival Secrets!

John Hosteen

Imagine being on a hike into Rainbow Bridge

Then being alone, lost, hot, cold, afraid, and barely alive. John Hosteen will unfold the entire experience with activities with this free event.

6 pm Introductions of Hot Too Cold and Survival Events

6:15 pm John Hosteen Q & A

6:45 pm Backpacking activity

What to Learn: Packing your bag. What should go in your pack? Weight distribution. Issues that may occur. Listen in and bring your Backpacking Pack and water bottle to learn how to pack your bag for those expeditions or camping trips.

Preparation in Practice- what to do when it happens in the field or on a trip. LNT.

Wilderness First Aid Safety- importance. education. practice


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