Meet San Juan College Administration

Top of the clocktower against a bright blue sky.

College Executive Administration

Dr. Toni Hopper Pendergrass\San Juan College President

Edward DesPlas\Executive Vice President

Dr. Boomer W. Appleman\Vice President for Student Services

Dr. Adrienne Forgette\Vice President for Learning

Dr. Kerri Langoni Carpenter\Vice President of Human Resources and Legal Activities

Sandra Gilpin\Associate Vice President for Learning

Dr. Lorenzo Reyes\Associate Vice President of Workforce, Economic and

Resource Development

Gayle Dean\Executive Director, San Juan College Foundation

Carrie Tsosie Jim\Senior Director, Institutional Research and Strategic Planning

Rhonda Schaefer\Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Roy Lytle\Chief Information Officer

Deborah Chalmers\Dean of Students

Eddy Rawlinson\Dean, School of Business, Information Technology & Social Sciences

Alicia Corbell\Dean, School of Energy

Sherry Paxson\Dean, School of Health Sciences

Dr. Lisa Snyder\Dean, School of Humanities

Dr. Michael Ottinger\Dean, School of Math, Science and Engineering

Dr. Ruben Johnson\Dean, School of Trades and Technology



San Juan College Board of Trustees

Joseph Rasor, Chairman\Member since 2017\Retired Educator
Represents District 4

Evelyn B. Benny, Vice-Chairwoman\Member since 1997\Community Service Coordinator, Huerfano Chapter House.
Represents District 2

Valerie Uselman, Secretary\Member since 2020\Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Realty
Represents District 7

Hoskie Benally, Jr.\Member since 2017\Community and Government Liaison, Native American Disability Law Center
Represents District 1

Byron Manning\Member since 2015\Certified Public Accountant, Manning Accounting & Consulting Service, LLC
Represents District 3

John Thompson\Member since 2010\Engineer, Walsh Engineering and Production Corporation Represents District 5

Shane Chance\Member since 2004\Certified Public Accountant,
Shane Chance, CPA PC

Represents District 6