The 2023 GenCyber Camp through Kids Kollege, let students explore crypotography, the world of network security and online safety practices by using robots, drones and other fun hands-on activities.

Young GenCyber student works with mini robot the Artie 3000 while attending the science camp.

San Juan College’s GenCyber summer camp is not just your ordinary camp—it’s an extraordinary opportunity for young tech enthusiasts to dive into the world of science and technology. Designed for middle school and high school students who have completed grades 6 to 11, this innovative camp offers an engaging environment where participants can explore the fascinating realm of cybersecurity.

Cultivating Future Cyber Professionals

The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals has surged as we increasingly rely on cyber-based technology. The GenCyber youth program rises to the challenge, seeking to inspire and nurture tomorrow’s cyber defenders. It strives to create a future where young talents explore and utilize their skills in cybersecurity for the greater good of our nation’s security and economy.

GenCyber 2023 featured two, one-week full-day camps at SJC’s main campus. Students committed to the five-day program, immersing themselves in various thrilling activities. From studying cryptography to mastering network security hacking and online safety, participants indulged in highly interactive experiences. Engaging games, hands-on labs, captivating videos, and enlightening talks from industry experts and law enforcement professionals made learning a fun challenge.

Program Support

GenCyber owes its success to the steadfast financial backing from the San Juan College Foundation and generous community donors, the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation. Securing funding for in-person GenCyber programs is fiercely competitive, and San Juan College emerged as the sole recipient of the prestigious NSA grant in New Mexico. This vital support plays a
pivotal role in eliminating any financial obstacles that might hinder participant’s journey by making the camp free of charge. The 2024 grant application has been approved, and San Juan College is planning for another successful GenCyber camp in 2024, thanks to continued support from all involved.