Checking in with Career-Life Engagement and Readiness (CLEAR) Program 2022 Graduates

students at graduation

The CLEAR program is designed for students who have disabilities, but who, with occupational training, are able to obtain gainful employment in competitive, high-demand occupations. Students participate in collaborative, communal, professional, and integrated learning environments, with an emphasis on the completion of the skills necessary for employment. The CLEAR program provides students with the opportunity to obtain a Certificate of Occupational Training (COT) as well as industry-recognized credentials such as SkillsUSA®, Food Handler, and Microsoft® certifications. The purpose of CLEAR is to prepare individuals for the workforce. It does so holistically by including four learning outcome classifications: personal, well-being, technical, and occupational. Each category supports significant and essential training in both personal and professional settings.

See where the 2022 CLEAR graduates are now!

Clear student Darlene Aagesen Darlene Aaggesen (left) has made the decision to pursue a certificate in tax preparation.
Clear student Dillon Belin Dillon Belin (center) is seeking better employment and wants to resume his education soon.
Clear student Tayler Bunny Tayler Bunny (right) is continuing classes and sells handcrafted décor.
Clear student Rachelle Clark Rachelle Clark (left) has chosen to take additional classes in the hopes of beginning a career in the field of information technology.
Clear student Bryson Cloud Bryson Cloud (center) plans to continue his education and he is exploring career options.
Clear student Iann Coleman Iann Coleman (right) is taking classes with the SJC automotive program and he is employed at the local mall. 
Clear student Justin Davis Justin Davis (left) is pursuing a career as an artist and has been very successful, selling his art at local art shows, craft fairs and flea markets. He has recently expressed interest in wanting to take classes to further his artistic aspirations.
Clear student Nichole Dean Nichole Dean (right) wants to further her education. She is also going to pursue a career in art and hopes to begin selling her creations very soon.
Clear student Aryianah Eaton Aryianah Eaton (left) is continuing to take classes and she is employed at a local retail store.
Clear student Preston Roberson Preston Roberson (right) is enjoying spending time with his family, while he continues developing skills that will improve employment options.