For the fourth time in seven years, San Juan College was awarded the highly competitive GenCyber national program grant, funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency.

Two students sitting at a table in the GenCyber Program

As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important, the continued support from federal agencies ensures the program remains a pivotal part of preparing
a well-equipped digital workforce. San Juan College exemplifies the impact of targeted funding and dedicated teaching to provide high-level education in crucial fields.

The grant is awarded to a limited number of sites nationwide with San Juan College exclusively providing this opportunity in New Mexico, underscoring the program’s critical role in providing cybersecurity education to students in the state.

The GenCyber program, geared for students completing grades 6-11, is accessible without cost and empowers participants with essential skills in cybersafety and cybersecurity. The program aims to inspire students towards careers in a field vital for national security.

The grant awarded to San Juan College for the 2024 camp covers costs for advanced equipment, expert instructors, and comprehensive curricula. This funding not only recognizes the program’s quality but also its necessity in cultivating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Dr Lorenzo Reyes, Vice President of Workforce, Economic and Resource Development, provides oversight of the GenCyber program, and said, “The need for talented cybersecurity professionals continues to increase. In the last 10 years, job openings have increased from 298,356 in 2014 to 572,392
in 2024. The Gencyber Camps exemplify San Juan College’s unwavering commitment to sustainable employment and economic diversification.”

GenCyber is preparing for another impactful year at San Juan College. The curriculum is designed to engage, challenge, and inspire, contributing significantly to the broader goal of creating a safer digital future. The two sessions scheduled for June have already filled their enrollment numbers and have students in waitlist positions eager to take the next available spot. For more information on the San Juan College GenCyber program, visit the
Kids Kollege or call (505) 566-3214.