Undocumented Students

SJC is strongly committed to the academic and personal success of all SJC students! We support and welcome undocumented students to SJC and are here to help you get started and find aid!

New Mexico State Bill 582 (SB 582)

SB 582, passed by the legislature in 2005, states, "A public post-secondary education institution shall not deny admission to a student on account of the student's immigration status." SB 582 allows Institutions to administer State financial aid to undocumented students. Additionally, SB 582 grants in-state tuition rates for students "who have attended a secondary educational institution in New Mexico for at least one year and who have either graduated from a New Mexico High School or received a general educational development certificate (GED) in New Mexico." 

Can undocumented students receive financial aid?

Student walking on campusYes, undocumented students qualify for state and institutional financial aid. Please contact the financial aid office for more information regarding the application process.

Eligible students can receive the Legislative Lottery Scholarship and the San Juan College Foundation Scholarship and should review the scholarship resources listed under Ways to Pay, including The Dream U.S. and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. 

State Aid Application


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