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Encore Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committees of San Juan College play an important role in providing specific college programs with support as well as a valuable perspective on current trends. The Encore Advisory Committee was created to build strong connections between the college, the local community, and the broader work environment. This allows the college to gain knowledge from experts outside of its own walls. Members of the Encore Advisory Committee, which includes community leaders, business professionals, and adult students, provide valuable guidance and support for San Juan College.

Current members of the Encore Advisory Committee:

  • Marj Black
  • Melvona Boren
  • Moreen Drake
  • Preston Herrington
  • Liesl Dees
  • Christie Howell
  • Stephen Marquez
  • Jessica Polatty
  • Nancy Shepherd
  • Natalie Spruell
  • Natalie Stark
  • Jane Ybarra

If you are interested in serving as an Encore Advisory Committee member, please contact Community Learning Center Director, Liesl Dees at 505-566-3121 or

Phone: (505) 566-3214

30th Street Education Center
3401 E. 30th St. | SJC 2nd Floor Entrance

M-F 8 a.m - 5 p.m.