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Welcome to astronomy at San Juan College! If you have ever wanted to develop a long and enchanting relationship with the night sky and an understanding of the heavens, you’ve come to the right place!

The subject of astronomy is one of those rare subjects which have both a logical, insistent scientific fascination with nature and how it works, and also an overpowering aesthetic beauty which strikes a chord so deep in our souls that it must be experienced to be fully understood. A clear, dark, starry night far from city lights cannot fail to evoke philosophical thoughts about vastness and smallness, and our place in the universe. It is no wonder that our ancestors, from wherever they may hail, ascribed all sorts of powers and purposes to the heavens, as well as the grandiose, cyclical movements over time exhibited by the objects visible therein – stars, planets, the Moon and Sun, and other objects even more mysterious.


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Quick Facts

  • Offer an accredited lab science in our Intro to Astronomy (ASTR 110) course, either on-campus or online
  • Use a Digitarium Zeta model digital star projector for class instruction and enhancement.
  • Use various telescopes for live viewing of the real sky in appropriate weather and occasions.

Classes Offered

Astronomy Classes Offered


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West Classroom Complex,
Room 1911
M-F 8 a.m - 5 p.m.