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Building Trades Certificates

Study and gain the skills you need to join homebuilding projects in just one year. San Juan College offers three one-year certificates in Framing, Finish Carpentry, and Insulation and Drywall. They are quick trades you can learn to start a career. Get hands-on experience from our supportive faculty.

Why Earn a Certificate in Building Trades?

Building a house requires a team of people with specialized roles. With a building trades certificate, you'll become experienced in your specialization in just one year. Depending on which certificate you choose, you will learn about framing, finish carpentry, or insulation and drywall. You'll be an essential part of a construction team by earning one or more of these certificates.

Home construction is a fast-paced industry and never boring. Be challenged by new projects, and see results every day you're on the job. Develop new skills and start an in-demand career in the residential construction industry.

Why Earn a Certificate in Building Trades at San Juan College?

Three Certificate Programs

San Juan College offers three certificate programs, and you can finish learning about each trade in just one year.

  • Framing certificate: Discover how to construct the bones of a home. Learn to read blueprints, frame walls and the roof, and dry-in the structure.
  • Finish Carpentry certificate: Develop the skills you need to complete the finishing touches of a home. Become skilled at painting, installing doors and cabinets, and more.
  • Insulation and Drywall certificate: Understand the building's thermal envelope and how to control heat loss and air infiltration. You'll also study how to hang and finish drywall.

Hands-On Training

Get firsthand experience in construction with our skilled instructors. In your building trades classes, they will provide practical training and helpful tips to develop your skills. You'll practice in our state-of-the-art woodworking shop and at our on-site carpentry yard. Get the confidence you need with SJC's building trades program.

Affordable Option

SJC's low tuition rates make our building trades certificate program a great option for you. Our courses and professors prepare you for your career. You may also qualify to get your certificate tuition-free through the NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the Building Trades Certificate Programs

SJC's certificate programs will help you specialize in one part of the construction industry. You'll learn in classrooms and in our workshops to perfect your skills.

Framing Certificate

Study how to build using wood frame construction, which makes up the structure of a home. In the Framing certificate program, you'll explore the following:

  • Blueprint reading and design
  • Foundations, floor framing, and wall framing
  • Door and window installation
  • Roof framing and shingling
  • Stair construction

You'll also take classes in:

  • Construction safety and building codes
  • Green building concepts
  • Survey of mathematics or algebra

Framing Certificate Curriculum

Finish Carpentry Certificate

Work on the finishing details of the interior and exterior of a home with a Finish Carpentry certificate. You'll study topics such as:

  • Blueprint reading and design
  • Door and window installation
  • Installing baseboards, door trim, molding, and closet organizers
  • Painting
  • Exterior wall applications
  • Cabinet design and installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Stair construction

You'll also take classes in:

  • Construction safety and building codes
  • Green building concepts
  • Survey of mathematics or algebra

Finish Carpentry Certificate Curriculum

Insulation and Drywall Certificate

With the Insulation and Drywall certificate, you'll discover how to protect a home from the outside elements to make it a safe and comfortable place to live. You'll learn important skills such as:

  • Blueprint reading and design
  • Floor and wall framing
  • Roof framing and shingling
  • Installation of insulation and drywall products

You'll also take classes in:

  • Construction safety and building codes
  • Green building concepts
  • Survey of mathematics or algebra

Insulation and Drywall Certificate Curriculum

Careers and Outcomes

With a building trades certificate from San Juan College, you'll have the skills you need for a job in the construction industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in the industry is projected to grow by 4% from 2021 to 2031. As the housing market improves, your job prospects will increase as well.

Depending on your specialty, you'll be ready to work as:

  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Roofers
  • Flooring installers
  • Cabinet installers
  • Drywall installers

Recent employers for our graduates include:

  • Uselman Construction
  • Farmington Construction
  • Sun Glass
  • Winters Construction
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Northern Edge Casino
  • Apache Nugget Casino
  • Northern Navajo Medical Center

Next Steps

To earn a building trades certificate, you must first apply to San Juan College. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!

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If you are already a student at San Juan College, talk to your advisor about our building trades certificates.

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