Instructor goes over program equipment with student explaining the processes of the large separator.

Petroleum Production Operations Degree, AAS - Advanced

Launch your energy industry career with San Juan College's Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Advanced Petroleum Production Operations (APPO). No prior experience is required for this program, and you can complete it in just two years.

The APPO program provides hands-on experience preparing you with the skills and knowledge to work on oil, gas, helium, and carbon sequestration wells. Gain a solid understanding of the oil and gas industry's production processes and equipment operations. With the high demand for skilled workers, industry partners actively seek SJC graduates to fill open positions. Begin your journey today.

Why Study Petroleum Production Operations?

As global energy consumption continues to rise, there is a need for skilled workers who can cleanly and efficiently produce the gases needed today and tomorrow. The Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS degree program provides the knowledge and training needed to meet this demand.

Petroleum production operations refer to the methods and tools used to extract oil, gas, and helium from the ground as well as inject carbon into containment formations. In this program, you'll learn the knowledge and gain the skills needed to work with these resources safely and sustainably. Get experience in:

  • Drilling and completion of wells
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Well testing and stimulation
  • Production operations

By completing the associate degree program, you can find a job today and tomorrow! 

Why Earn an Associate Degree in Advanced Petroleum Production Operations? 

Invest in Your Future

An associate degree can help you excel in the evolving energy industry. You'll develop technical,  communication, and critical thinking skills. Many employers prefer hiring associate degree candidates because they have a well-rounded education. Your degree can also lead to higher pay and faster career advancement opportunities. Accelerate your career by enrolling in the two-year Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS.

Get Hands-On Experience With Expert Instructors

The education you get with SJC's Advanced Petroleum Production Operations program is second to none. Learn from our faculty, who have years of experience teaching and working in the energy industry. Our program has a long history of educating generations of energy workers and helping them find success.

Gain firsthand experience at our operating well yard, where you'll practice using the equipment used in the field. Plus, our well control lab has a unique simulator that is one of only four worldwide. People as far away as Alaska travel here to learn and train. With this level of guidance and hands-on training, you'll be prepared to start your new job upon graduation.

Connect With Industry Partners

Have access to career networks in the energy industry. SJC works with local and global industry partners to connect companies to Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS graduates. You'll be able to work at internships for extra experience and be recruited by companies where you want to live.

Prepare for New Industries

Get the knowledge you need to enter growing energy industries like helium, hydrogen, and carbon sequestration. In the APPO program, you'll have experience in drilling, exploration, and production operations that are essential for these fields. These skills translate to these emerging energy industries, making you in-demand for present and future opportunities.

Affordable Degree Option

With SJC's low tuition rates, our Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS offers a great opportunity to kick-start your career. You'll receive excellent instruction both in the classroom and through practical training, setting you up for success in the oil and gas industry. You may be eligible for NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships, allowing you to earn your degree tuition-free.

What You'll Learn 

In the Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS, you'll build the knowledge and skills to work on the wells that produce oil, gas, and helium as well as carbon sequestration wells. Study with our experienced instructors and gain firsthand experience in our well yard and simulator. The APPO coursework covers:

  • Fundamentals of gas production and use
  • How to monitor wellhead pressures
  • How to troubleshoot many types of surface equipment
  • Operation of a primary separator
  • Production processes and equipment operations
  • Well construction considerations and drilling

You will also take Energy Core requirements courses as part of your degree requirements, which provide a solid introduction to the energy industry to prepare you for your career. You'll also take general education courses to help you receive a well-rounded education.

Advanced Petroleum Production Operations Curriculum

Careers and Outcomes

Students who graduate from our APPO program find work in various roles within the oil and gas industry. Most commonly, graduates are hired as pumpers, who are responsible for maintaining the safe and efficient operation of wells in oil and gas fields. These roles are in high demand, and many of our graduates are hired as soon as they graduate.

Because the APPO program provides students with a strong foundation and practical experience, many of our associate degree students advance to supervisory positions quickly.

Employers of SJC graduates include:

  • BPX
  • Chevron
  • Devon
  • DJR
  • Hilcorp
  • Oxy
  • Phillips 66
  • Williams

Next Steps

To enroll in the Advanced Petroleum Production Operations AAS degree program, you must first apply to San Juan College. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!

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