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Petroleum Production Operations Certificate

Start a high-paying, in-demand job as a pumper on oil, gas, helium, and carbon sequestration wells. With the Petroleum Production Operations Certificate from San Juan College, you can begin your career in just one year. Play an important role in monitoring equipment used to safely extract oil and natural gas.

Our experienced instructors provide you with the skills you need through extensive hands-on training. SJC's industry partnerships help you connect with job opportunities locally and globally so you can launch your career as soon as you graduate.

Why Study Petroleum Production Operations?

Oil and gas are essential to powering modern life. Helium is in-demand for industrial applications, and carbon sequestration wells are front and center in an evolving energy industry. Our society needs workers with these skills, and the energy industry needs workers who can help with safely and cleanly extracting it from underground. With the Petroleum Production Operations Certificate, you'll gain the skills needed to operate this equipment and manage the production process. Learn how to:

  • Conduct well testing and stimulation
  • Construct, drill, and complete wells
  • Maintain and troubleshoot equipment
  • Operate well equipment

After completing the Petroleum Production Operations Certificate, you will be able to find a job in the ever-changing energy industry. 

Why Earn a Certificate in Petroleum Production Operations at San Juan College?

Train With Real Equipment

At SJC, we understand the importance of hands-on experience not provided in a book or on a video. That's why we provide our students with access to actual equipment used in the industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a well yard, where you'll learn on the same equipment you will be using in your career. Have access to our well control lab, which has a unique simulator (and is only one of four in the world). Develop the skills and confidence you need to begin your career with our practical training.

Learn From Experts

Our certificate program has a long history of helping graduates enter the workforce. Study with faculty who have years of teaching and working in the industry. They will provide a comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills. With our instructors' expertise, you'll have the knowledge you need to succeed.

Tap Into Industry Connections

As a Petroleum Production Operations program student, you'll benefit from SJC's global connections. Our program has partnerships with energy companies with open positions locally and worldwide. Connect with internships that give you real-world experience and be recruited to a job as soon as you graduate.

Enter New Industries

With a growing demand for sustainable power, the energy industry is evolving. The skills you learn in your petroleum production operation courses will also help you transition into growing fields such as helium, hydrogen, and carbon sequestration. Have flexible career options and more job opportunities by completing our certificate program.

Affordable One-Year Certificate

With SJC's low tuition rates, our Petroleum Production Operations Certificate is a great investment. Receive excellent instruction and real-world training so you can pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. You may also be eligible for NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships, which allow you to earn your degree tuition-free.

What You'll Learn

In the Petroleum Production Operations Certificate Program, you'll develop the fundamental skills necessary to work on oil and gas wells. Learn how to monitor and maintain equipment that extracts oil and natural gas. Study how to construct and drill wells and take important courses such as:

  • Introduction to Leases, Regulations, and Locations
  • Well Construction and Fluid Flow
  • Production Operations
  • Applied Basic DC Circuits
  • Industrial Measurement

Petroleum Production Operations Certificate Curriculum

Careers and Outcomes

By completing our certificate program, you'll prepare for an entry-level position in the oil and gas industry. Most of our students begin their careers as pumpers who monitor and maintain wells in oil and gas fields. Because of the high worker demand, many of our graduates find positions as soon as they graduate.
Employers of SJC graduates include:

  • BPX
  • Chevron
  • Devon
  • DJR
  • Hilcorp
  • Oxy
  • Phillips 66
  • Williams

Next Steps

To enroll in the Petroleum Production Operations Certificate program, you must first apply to San Juan College. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!

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If you are already a student at San Juan College, talk to your advisor about our Petroleum Production Operations Certificate.

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