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Trades and Technology through Encore

Unlock new skills and passions with Encore's trades and technology classes at SJC!

Frame Your Artwork and watch the ordinary transform into masterpieces. Learn professional framing techniques for artwork, diplomas, photographs, and more, creating beautifully designed projects.

In Gunsmithing, tackle firearm customization, refurbishment, and repairs, mastering trouble-shooting, tool fabrication, scope mounting, and more while adhering to San Juan College's safety rules.

Utilize our machine shop for hands-on learning with lathes, mills, and shop equipment. Ignite your potential and create wonders with us!

Problems with that old firearm? Do you want to customize, refurbish, repair or build that dream weapon? Learn trouble-shooting, small tool fabrication, filing, brazing, scope mounting, re-barreling, chambering, checkering, shaping trigger guards and more with San Juan College safety rules in place and pledges for firearm safety. Utilize the San Juan College machine shop to operate a lathe, mill and other shop equipment. Supply fee of $10 payable at

3 credit hours

Cost (including supply fee):
$29.50 residents 65 and older (first 10 credit hours)
$182.50 residents under 65, $518.50 non-residents

KEVIN SIMMONS has taught Gunsmithing at San Juan College since 2007. He loves seeing the completion of projects in the class and feels fulfilled by the finished products.

2024SP MASH 104 E14
1/16-4/9, TUE, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107
(no class 3/12)

2024SP MASH 104 E16
1/17-4/10, WED, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107
(no class 3/13)

2024SU MASH 104 E08 (registration begins 2/21)
4/16-7/2, TUE, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107

2024SU MASH 104 E10 (registration begins 2/21)
4/17-7/10, WED, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107
(no class 7/3)

DORAN ARCHULETA has taught this Gunsmithing class since 2020.

2024SP MASH 104 E18
1/18-4/11, THU, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107
(no class 3/14)

2024SU MASH 104 E12 (registration begins 2/21)
4/18-7/11, THU, 6-10 pm, Trades & Technology Room 2107
(no class 7/4)

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