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Tribal Energy Management Studies Degree, AAS

Did you know about 20% of our nation's energy resources are located on or near tribal lands, but only 2% of our nation's energy production is attributable to tribal production?

At San Juan College, you can learn how to evaluate, develop, or manage the many natural resources on tribal lands. Earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Tribal Energy Management Studies (TEMS) in just two years. 

Our unique program takes students through time, from the settlement of the United States, the Discovery Doctrine, and the many legislative decisions that continue to affect tribal economies. Study how to create a robust, diversified energy economy that respects culture and values. Your knowledge of tribal energy business, management, and leadership will enhance your career.

We provide flexible options for SJC students. You can take some courses online, while other classes are just one week long. With the Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS, you'll have highly valued knowledge and skills that employers working with or near tribal entities need.

Why Study Tribal Energy Management?

Expand your knowledge of the energy industry as it relates to Native American communities. You'll learn about the evolving energy industry on tribal lands, including water and its relationship to energy. Your courses also will cover Native American culture and how it intersects with the energy industry. Your degree can be a valuable differentiator, particularly if you intend to work in this energy sector.

 Additionally, studying Native American history and culture can be enriching. Gain insight into critical issues in the news and broaden your worldview. With the Tribal Energy Management AAS, you'll develop a valuable perspective to help you positively impact native communities.

Why Earn a Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS at San Juan College?

Convenient In-Person and Online Course Options

At SJC, we understand that many students and professionals have busy schedules. That's why we offer flexible course options to fit your needs. You can take your general education and Energy Pathway curriculum courses online to learn on your own schedule.

In addition, our Tribal Energy Management Core courses are a series of five weeklong seminars that you will take over the course of two semesters. With our convenient course options, you can complete your degree on your terms and at your own pace.

Minor Concentrations

Choose a minor on which to focus your studies as part of the TEMS Technical Core Requirements. This concentration helps you gain insights into an energy field so you can start or expand your career options. The options include:

  • Advanced Petroleum Production
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
  • Industrial Process Operator Program
  • Instrumentation
  • Occupational Safety

If you choose, you can apply your minor concentration credits toward an associate degree in that field. In most cases, earning the additional associate degree takes one more semester of coursework.

Industry Connections

Network with industry professionals and tribal leaders through our TEMS program. Our seminars are open to government officials, industry representatives, and Native American leaders, leading to opportunities to build connections.

In addition, our instructors are tribal elders and energy industry executives who will give you knowledge not typically found elsewhere. You'll gain insights on navigating the industry and approaching challenges unique to working with tribal entities.

Furthermore, our students usually form solid and lasting relationships with one another. Because of our small cohort size, they often create a support network that extends beyond the classroom. This network can last a lifetime and includes instructors, industry professionals, and tribal leaders.

Affordable Degree Option

Because of SJC's low tuition rates, our Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS is a wise investment. Get the high-quality education and connections you need to create energy solutions. Find out if you can get your degree tuition-free through the NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS Program

SJC's Tribal Energy Management Studies program gives you a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry, specifically within the context of Native American culture and tribal relations. You'll study core topics such as:

  • Federal Indian policy
  • Tribal business systems and structures
  • Tribal governance, sovereignty, and regulations
  • Resources located on tribal lands and their implications
  • Native American history
  • Non-tribal entities that partner or interface with sovereign nations

As part of the Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS, you will also complete Energy Pathway Core, Technical Core, and general education requirements.

  • Energy Pathway Core: Learn the fundamentals of different areas of the energy industry, including electrical technology, natural gas, and instrumentation technology.
  • Technical Core: Choose a minor concentration in an energy field to gain additional knowledge and training. You can take additional courses to earn an associate degree in your concentration.
  • General education: Take courses that give you a well-rounded education, including composition and a laboratory science course.

Note: While San Juan College offers a certificate in tribal energy management, we encourage you to consider the AAS degree if you do not have an associate or bachelor's degree. The AAS teaches you the communication and critical thinking skills that make you a leader and asset in your workplace. You'll be able to find better-paying jobs or qualify more quickly for a promotion.

Tribal Energy Management Studies Curriculum

Careers and Outcomes for Tribal Energy Management Studies AAS Graduates

Graduates of the Tribal Energy Management AAS degree program can pursue a range of careers in the energy industry. You can work for the industry, within policy and regulation, or in public relations. You will be able to play an important role in facilitating communication between tribal entities, enterprises, policymakers, and regulators. Graduates of our program may find career opportunities in:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Energy exploration and production companies
  • State agencies
  • Tribal agencies

Our graduates have gone on to work for:

  • Arizona Public Service
  • DJR Energy
  • Elk Petroleum
  • Harvest Midstream
  • Merrion Oil and Gas
  • Navajo Transitional Energy Company
  • Red Cedar Gathering

Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series - Non-Degree Program

Are you a tribal leader, government official, or industry representative who wants to expand your knowledge of tribal energy management? Then enroll in SJC's Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series. This non-degree program is designed to be completed in five weeks, and it gives you the context and history you need to grow in this field. 

Explore the Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series

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