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Tribal Energy Management Certificate

Make a difference in the lives of tribal communities by evaluating, selectively developing, and managing natural resources on tribal lands. With San Juan College's Tribal Energy Management Certificate, you'll learn about the tribal processes, energy resources on tribal lands, and more.

Our one-year program gives you the knowledge to work with tribal, government, and industry leaders to create energy solutions. This program is ideal for energy professionals who want to improve their skills. Online courses and one-week seminars provide added flexibility to fit your schedule. See how a Tribal Energy Management Certificate can help enhance your career.

Why Is Studying Tribal Energy Management Important?

With about 20% of our nation's resources located on or near tribal lands and about 2% of our nation's energy development attributable to tribal production, there is obvious room for growth. The Tribal Energy Management program was developed to bridge the gap between tribal members, tribal entities, industry, regulators and policy makers. 

By studying tribal energy management, you'll understand the unique challenges and opportunities of working in tribal lands. Discover current energy industry practices and learn about trends so you can be knowledgeable about this growing field. 

You'll also gain expertise in the historical, cultural, and political issues that impact Native American communities. This crucial knowledge helps you work with tribal entities, companies, policymakers, and regulators in the energy industry. In addition, what you learn will be relevant to anyone living near tribal communities regardless of interest or involvement in energy. 

Why Earn a Tribal Energy Management Certificate at San Juan College?

Quick and Convenient Program

At SJC, you can earn the Tribal Energy Management Certificate in just one year. The program is made up of two sections: Energy Core courses and Tribal Energy Management Core courses. You can take the Energy Pathway courses in person or online, making it flexible to attend classes. In addition, the Tribal Energy Management Core courses are a series of five weeklong seminars.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with tribal leaders and industry professionals in our certificate program. Your instructor is a Native American energy executive and classmates are government officials, industry representatives, and Native American leaders. As you interact with them, you'll gain valuable perspectives on the intersection of energy and Native American communities. The connections you make in your courses will build lasting relationships that can lead to new job opportunities or promotions.

Affordable Degree Option

Because of SJC's low tuition rates, our Tribal Energy Management Certificate is an excellent investment for you. Get the high-quality education and connections you need for this important field. Find out if you can get your certificate tuition-free through the NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the Tribal Energy Management Certificate Program

SJC's Tribal Energy Management Certificate program gives you an overview of the energy industry, with special emphasis on Native American culture and tribal relations. Study core topics such as:

  • Federal Indian policy
  • Tribal business systems and structures
  • Tribal governance, sovereignty, and regulations
  • Resources located on tribal lands and their implications
  • Native American history
  • Non-tribal entities that partner or interface with sovereign nations

You also complete Energy Pathway requirements as part of the certificate program. In these courses, you learn the basics of different areas of the energy industry, from natural gas to instrumentation technology.

Tribal Energy Management Certificate Curriculum

Careers and Outcomes

Earning a Tribal Energy Management Certificate can be valuable if you want to work with tribal communities. You will be well-equipped to bridge the gap between tribal entities, enterprises, policymakers, and regulators. Graduates of our program may find career opportunities in:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Energy exploration and production companies
  • Power generation
  • State agencies
  • Tribal agencies

Our graduates have gone on to work for:

  • Arizona Public Service
  • DJR Energy
  • Elk Petroleum
  • Harvest Midstream
  • Merrion Oil and Gas
  • Navajo Transitional Energy Company
  • Red Cedar Gathering

Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series - Non-Degree Program

Are you already involved in tribal energy management but want to learn more? Then enroll in SJC's Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series. Our program is designed for tribal leaders, government officials, industry representatives, and professionals looking to increase their knowledge without earning a degree or certificate.

Explore the Tribal Energy Management Seminar Series

Next Steps

To enroll in the Tribal Energy Management Certificate program, you must first apply to San Juan College. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!

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If you are already a student at San Juan College, talk to your advisor about our Tribal Energy Management Certificate. 

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