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Personal Training and Fitness Assessment

Personal Training

Our personal training program starts with a personalized assessment and plan to meet each individual's needs. Our trainers are committed to creating a customized program to meet your needs and educate you about the specific reasons for the plan. This education empowers you to not stop at the end of your training session but to take what you learn into your fitness future.

SJC HHPC personal trainers are nationally certified, CPR certified, and educated in confidential record keeping. 

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Customized program for your body type, likes, goals, and exercise history.
  • Safety and efficiency are prioritized. We want you moving for life!
  • One-on-one or small group motivation and support.
  • Education on form, exercise variety, proper weight selection, and cardiovascular exercises that best serve your goals.
  • Complete confidentiality of all records.
  • Assessment opportunities before, during, and post-completion of an exercise program.

Our personal trainers start with an assessment. This assessment is required as part of the first session.

Personal Training Rates:

  • 1 (1 hr) session $45 ($45/session)
  • 4 (1 hr) sessions $170 ($42.50/session)
  • 8 (1 hr) sessions $320.00 ($40.00/session)
  • 12 (1hr) sessions $450.00 ($37.50/session)
  • Group of 2 – 1 (1 hr) session $50.00 ($25.00/client/session)
  • Group of 3 – 1 (1 hr) session $55.00 ($18.33/client/session)
  • Group of 4 – 1 (1 hr) session $60.00 ($15.00/client/session)
  • Large Group (5-10) – 1 (1 hr) session $10.00/person

Fitness Assessment

The Assessment Lab at San Juan College offers several different types of tests to measure the five components of physical fitness. These tests include cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, muscle endurance and body composition assessments. Assessments are a great tool for the beginning exerciser to construct a Personal Fitness Program, or for the continuing exerciser to evaluate the efficacy of their current program. Following the test, an appointment will be made to set you up on your own program where you will learn to properly utilize equipment in the FCC that will help you reach your fitness goals. The following are the specific tests offered at the Assessment Lab:

VO2 Sub-maximal Test 

The sub-maximal test is performed via treadmill, walking, or running. We are also capable of providing this through a "step" test. While the sub-maximal test is not as accurate at assessing cardiorespiratory fitness as the maximal test, it still supplies the information needed without the extreme discomfort of going to maximal levels. In this test, the load progressively increases until the subject reaches 85% of their maximum heart rate, and there is no mask.

Muscular Endurance Tests

In these tests, the participant performs as many crunches and push-ups as they can in one minute.

Muscular Strength 

This test measures the static strength of the biceps by holding a curl bar at 90 degrees and pulling as hard as possible for five seconds.

Flexibility Testing

The flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back are measured in the sit and reach test, where the participant is seated with straight legs on the floor and reaches forward as far as possible.

Body Composition

The percentage of body fat can be assessed through the following methods.

  • Bod Pod
  • Electrical Impedances
  • Calipers

*Non-HHPC members will be charged a $20 fee for an assessment with our personal trainers.

Assessment Lab Hours

Available by appointment. Contact us today! 505-566-3115

Phone: (505) 566-3410

4601 College Blvd