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TRIO Upward Bound

As a high school student, the TRIO Upward Bound program at San Juan College is here to help you!

TRIO logoWe will assist you in academic areas such as tutoring, advising, career education, and exploration. Upward Bound students receive personalized assistance in completing college admissions, financial aid, scholarship applications, life skills training, financial literacy, and leadership development. Experience first-hand knowledge of what college life is all about and develop the skills necessary to be successful!

Upward Bound Services

Receive year-round instruction and personalized tutoring in mathematics, reading, language arts, literature, science, foreign languages, study skills, and more.

Get personalized assistance in completing the college entrance exam process and test-taking tips. In addition, Upward Bound will help in filling out and submitting college admissions, financial aid, and scholarship applications.

Work with Upward Bound to plan for college and explore career pathways. We will help you plan college visits, assist you with the career assessment, and narrow down exciting options that are the best career fit for you. Successfully start college with access to life skills training, including financial literacy education and leadership development.

Experience cultural enrichment activities and opportunities to travel while making friends with high school peers who plan to attend college. Benefit from financial stipends that reward Upward Bound participation and good grades.

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • A first-generation college-bound student (neither parent has graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree)  
    • AND/OR meet the U.S. Department of Education Income Guidelines
  • Currently enrolled in the 9th, 10th ,11th, 12th grade at Bloomfield High School
  • Show an academic need for Upward Bound services 
  • Express a strong desire to succeed in school and enroll in college right after high school graduation.  
  • Commit to remaining active in Upward Bound through high school graduation.

Next Steps

Apply to Upward Bound by submitting an application

Phone: (505) 566-4237

30th Street Campus, 3rd Floor
Office 371

M-F 8 a.m - 5 p.m.