Three students walking on San Juan College campus.

SSS Activities

Join us for one or more of the many workshops we hold each semester. 

  • The College Student's Guide to Understanding Credit
  • Resume Building
  • Growth Mindset

StudentLingo offers online workshops on how to be a college student, including:

  • Exploring Careers & Choosing a Major
  • Handling Failure in & out of the Classroom
  • How to Overcome Math Anxiety
  • Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals

Our students have the opportunity to explore four-year colleges and universities with our transfer trips at no cost. TRIO program participants are encouraged to apply for these trips with our travel application.

Contact us for a travel application. 


Phone: (505) 566-3147

Central Classroom Complex,
Room 1414

M-F 8 a.m - 5 p.m.