first generation college student

First-Generation College Student

A first-generation student is a pioneer, doing something none of the people who raised them have ever done.

Not sure if you’re a first-generation college student?

You ARE a first-generation student if:

  • Someone who grew up in a home where both parents did not attend a four-year college.
  • Where one parent has an AA only.
  • Where one or both parents attempted some college but did not finish it.
  • If your parents went to community college ONLY.
  • If your parents went to a technical school.
  • If your parents went to a NON four-year school in another country.
  • If your parent DID go to college, but they passed away, and you have lived without them for more than half of your life.

You are NOT a first-generation student if:

  • If you were raised by someone who DID graduate from a four-year college. 

Information gathered from CollegeMapping


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