SJC Student working at a engineering control panel.

Energy, Manufacturing & Transportation

Whether you want to be a factory operator, an auto mechanic, or a home builder, be prepared to jumpstart your career at San Juan College. As a student in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Transportation pathway programs, you will receive practical, hands-on training in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our experienced faculty will prepare you for the career path that works for you.

We have 41 degree and certificate programs that will train you to work in the energy, transportation, and construction industries. You can complete many of these programs in two years, and you can complete some in a year or less. In addition, we offer certain programs online for extra flexibility and convenience.

Begin your successful new career through our Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation associate degree and certificate programs.

School of Energy Programs

The San Juan College School of Energy provides innovative programs for future careers in the energy industry. You will gain real-world knowledge under the supervision of our educators and industry professionals. If you are earning an associate degree, you will complete the Energy Production Foundations core curriculum. We have many online courses available for flexibility, as well as customized or one-day trainings that will fit your needs. See where your new skills can take you. 

Oil pipelinesLearn the knowledge and skills of production processes and equipment operations. Earn your associate degree in advanced petroleum production operations to further your career. 

Petroleum Production Operations Certificate

Advanced Petroleum Production Operations Degree, AAS

Industrial control panelPerform maintenance checks and repairs on large machines at plants and factories. Earn an associate degree or certificate to work in diverse industries that rely on machinery to function, such as manufacturing, environmental control, and water treatment.

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Certificate

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Degree, AAS

Person wearing orange coveralls and white hardhatProcess operators are employed by water treatment, wastewater treatment facilities, and plants and factories that produce electricity, natural gas, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and various consumer products. Your associate degree or certificate will prepare you for an entry-level position in this career. 

Industrial Process Operator Certificate

Industrial Process Operator Degree, AAS

LightbulbThe School of Energy provides multiple training programs to support the professional development of workers. We provide industrial safety training (including OSHA training) workforce training, and seminars on tribal energy management.

Industrial Safety Training through School of Energy

Instrumentation controlsLearn to install, maintain, and troubleshoot a variety of automatically controlled processes, such as electronic or pneumatic systems. Earn an associate degree or certificate to work alongside a team of engineers to develop and maintain these systems in a safe environment.

Instrumentation Controls and Electrical Technology Certificate

Instrumentation Controls and Electrical Technology, AAS

Gas pipeline equipmentLearn the knowledge and skills to safely use and maintain gas compression equipment. Through our associate degree or certificate program, you’ll be prepared to find a job in the energy industry. 

Natural Gas Compression Technology Certificate

Natural Gas Compression Technology Degree, AAS

Hardhat with construction in the background.Start or advance your career in occupational safety and commercial construction safety. Our two associate degrees and two certificate programs can be taken online, which means it is a flexible option for you.

Occupational Safety Certificate

Occupational Safety (Online), AAS

Well pumpjackThis program provides students with a focused study of the tribal energy business, management, and leadership. With an associate degree or certificate, you will be prepared to make decisions about energy resources, learn about tribal issues, and work in the industry on tribal lands.

Tribal Energy Management Certificate

Tribal Energy Management Studies Degree, AAS

Two students looking under the hood of a pickup.


San Juan College offers two-year associate degrees and one-year certificate programs in automotive technology, auto body repair, and diesel technology. We also offer industry-specific programs for Toyota, Chrysler, and General Motors vehicles. Finally, we provide commercial driver’s license training.

General Transportation Programs

Person painting a car.Our 12,000-square-foot facility will train you to work in the collision repair industry or related fields. Earn your associate degree in three semesters, or choose one of our certificate programs for a quicker start or more specific training. 

Auto Body Certificates

Auto Body, AAS

Car engineLearn the skills you need to enter the field of automotive service and repair. With an associate degree or a certificate for this program, you will be able to service a variety of cars for customers.

Automotive Technology Certificates

Automotive Technology Associate Degree, AAS

Semi-TruckOur eight-week commercial driver’s license program will equip you to pass the three-part CDL exam. You will learn in an online setting as well as in a truck on the training course and the highway. We also offer refresher and Class B programs.

Commercial Driver's License Certificate (Class A)

Diesel EngineGet the necessary skills to service and repair trucks or construction and mining equipment. Whether you work on on-highway or off-highway vehicles, our degree and certificate programs will prepare you to start a career in maintaining these important vehicles.

Diesel Technology Certificate

Diesel Technology Degrees, AAS

Industry-Specific Transportation Programs

MCAP logoThis partnership with Chrysler offers instruction and hands-on experience with Chrysler vehicles. You will have a paid internship at a participating Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership, and you will commit to working a minimum of two years after graduation.

Mopar Career Automotive Program (MCAP)

GM ASEP LogoBecome a General Motors service technician in two years through the ASEP program. The program includes classroom work, laboratory experience on current vehicles and products, and practical experience as a line mechanic at a participating GM dealership.

Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) Certificate and Degree Program

TTEN LogoTrain for a career as a Toyota Motors service technician through the TTEN program. You will receive training in the classroom and laboratory at San Juan College and a sponsoring Toyota dealership. Earn a certificate or an associate degree in this two-year program.

Toyota Technical Education Network Program (T-TEN)

Person welding.

Construction and Manufacturing

Find a fulfilling career building, repairing, and improving people’s homes. You can also learn welding skills, which will be useful in a variety of different careers, from construction to manufacturing.

Home under constructionBe prepared for a career in residential construction. Learn the building process from the “ground up,” combining classroom exercises with hands-on building projects. Earn an associate degree or take one of our certificate programs to enter this industry.

Building Trades Certificate

Building Trades Degree, AAS

Person welding.Learn how to weld and fabricate all thicknesses of steel plates and most diameters of steel pipe. Earn an associate degree in welding or take our general and advanced certificate courses to find a career in a variety of industries from construction to manufacturing to aerospace.

Welding Certificates

Welding Degree, AAS